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Bee Yard Visits

SABA members host visits to their bee yards each year.

The link below will bring you to a schedule of bee yard visits, with date/time, directions, and activities planned.  Details are shown in footnotes at the bottom of the schedule.  Any changes and updates will be made directly to this schedule, so remember to check back before you drive out to a bee yard.


Visits are scheduled at various times of the year, so recheck this schedule periodically!

For SABA Members: Schedule your bee yard visit today. ALL the BEST dates are available Now! Share your bees with other members. Get some advice, whether you want it or not. Show something special about your bees. Every beekeeper has something only Her bees do. Spend a time on a sunny day talking about your bees with people who really care about bees. Or, talk about bees to someone new or considering bees who wants to see what the buzz is all about. Share a potluck snack or meal afterwards. Email Amy Carman at to get your bee yard visit on this year’s calendar,or fill out the questionnaire about your visit. Never worry if another bee yard visit is planned for the same day. Our member territory is quite large and some folks may be glad of a yard closer to them.

Bee yard visit questionnaire