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SABA equipment available

SABA has acquired a number of items that members can borrow.

A deposit is required for certain equipment, in case items are damaged or not returned.

Hand Operated Honey Extractor Set-Up - includes everything needed to uncap, extract, and filter your honey. The club has 3 extractor set-ups available, Altamont, Nassau and Galway.  You will need a large space in your car to transport the equipment. Please return all equipment A.S.A.P., typically in one week.

Extractor - Altamont Request

Extractor - Galway Request

Extractor - Nassau Request

hild Bee Suits- multiple child-sized bee suits available, with gloves, introduce a child to the world of beekeeping, up close and personal! 

Bee Suits Request

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Teaching Hive - single hive body has real frames with full-size photos, frames include typical hive scenes (brood, queen, honey, pollen, pests etc.) – good for presentations

Teaching Hive Request

DLP Projector - available for beekeeping talks only, works well with PowerPoint presentations, loan subject to Board approval

Projector Request