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Equipment to Borrow

SABA has a number of items that active members can borrow.  A deposit may be required for certain equipment in case items are damaged or not returned.

Hand-Operated Honey Extractors and Accessories -- Includes everything needed to uncap, extract, and filter honey. The club has three set-ups available in different locations:  Altamont, Nassau, and Galway.  You will need a large space in your car to transport the equipment.  Please return equipment promptly, typically within one week, since other members may be waiting to borrow it during honey harvesting season.

Extractor - Altamont Request   To contact directly, call April Davis at 518-813-2057.

Extractor - Galway Request     To contact directly, call Greg Way at 518-526-5138.

Extractor - Nassau Request     To contact directly, call Kirt Coonradt at 518-588-8055.

hild Bee Suits -- Multiple child-sized bee suits are available, with gloves.  Introduce a child to the world of beekeeping, up close and personal! 

Bee Suits Request

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Teaching Hive -- This single hive body has real frames with full-size photos.  Frames include typical hive scenes (brood, queen, honey, pollen, pests, etc.).  Excellent visual aid for presentations.

Teaching Hive Request

DLP Projector -- This equipment is available for beekeeping talks only.  The projector works well with PowerPoint presentations.  Loans are subject to Board approval.

Projector Request