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Carl Jurica Tribute

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I miss him too. An 8 year old little boy came to my house to see the bees that have moved into a wall.  He "explained to me" in detail what the bees were doing and traced their movements with his finger on the glass.  He asked if he could come back and see them again.  I thought how much it would have thrilled Carl to know my little friend Mac.  He lives near me so perhaps we may have a "bee" future together. I'll teach him what I know, but it will never be as much as "Doc" could give him. I thank him too!

Doc was a great man and a great bee keeper! He taught many of people not to fear bees. What he taught me was to raise queens early in the north, and it's not easy working in bee hives with snow falling on your back much less grafting! I commend him for all of his hard work and struggles to do this year after year. There is one thing that I can say definately came from him is my two year old son will see everyone out of our driveway and anyone that knew Doc knows where that may have come from. It surely was not me. THANKS Doc!

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