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Mentor Guidelines
If mentors have questions, they can contact the Mentor Chairperson. Mentors can also contact the Treasurer, Kirt Coonradt, at to confirm that a potential mentee is a paid member of SABA.
1. Mentors may choose to visit Mentees 3‐4 times a year to address seasonal changes and needs, as agreed upon with their Mentee.
2. Mentors should respond to calls/emails, etc., from mentees as soon as possible and not keep them waiting.
3. Mentors will not charge for their services, but nominal gratuities or gifts from your Mentee are acceptable (e.g., gas money).
4. Mentors will respond to as many emails or phone calls as they choose or have previously agreed upon with their Mentees. Suggested amounts of time should be agreed upon by both parties at beginning.
5. Mentors must verify Mentees have joined SABA and have also filled out the “Mentee” Application before mentoring begins.
6. If any problems should arise with your Mentee, contact the Mentor Program Chairperson immediately.
7. When a Mentee is a youth (age 18 or under), a parent or adult guardian should be present when the Mentor meets with and works with the Mentee.

Mentors are SABA members who volunteer to assist new beekeepers. Each mentor has a unique style and specific talents. By accepting a mentor, the Mentee acknowledges that SABA is not responsible for the actions of the Mentor.